Drone Services

Drone services - For those individuals and and businesses that would rather us deal with everything. All our pilots are approved CAA operators, insured and absolute geniuses when it comes to their specialist subjects.


- Aerial Photography & Videography

Drones offer a unique perspective that a traditional DSLR or professional camera cannot capture. The next time you turn on your TV, you might be shocked by how many advertisements now feature drone footage. With only a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, drones offer an innovative way of capturing an unforgettable sight.

Our aerial photos and videography service is a popular choice for corporate video productions. It’s also used in marketing material for independent brands and companies. The super high quality of our aerial photos and videos means you can utilise them for personal and commercial use. Whether you want to capture a unique view for your loved one or tell the story of your business, aerial videography is second to none.

The drones can fly from the ground up to several hundred feet, capturing breath-taking images without disturbing your neighbours or local community. For years, helicopters were considered the only way to capture a view from the sky. Drones are a cost-effective alternative that allows for real-time monitoring and targeted video. With a more wide-angle view, our drones can get closer than any helicopter could achieve.

1080p/4K/6K & 8K Shooting available.

- Crowd Control & Management

Our drones can capture four panorama modes, including 180 degrees, horizontal, sphere, and vertical. Drones are becoming a vital asset for event security and management, particularly for outdoor events and where there may be a ground gathering outside the venue.

These assets allow you to monitor crowd control and ensure that health and safety planning is being implemented throughout the duration of the event. It’s impossible to cover every area of your property or venue with security. Drones act as a robust set of eyes in the sky to prevent any security breaches or illegal activity.

- Drone Surveys

Whether you’re building a new home or investigating the potential of a site, drone surveys are an invaluable asset. You may see them referred to as ‘aerial surveys’ or ‘UAV surveys’. They’re the quickest and most cost-efficient way of getting a view of your property or area from the sky. Drone surveys are becoming a common request within construction to carry out roof inspections and view inaccessible structures in the property.

Drones give you unique access to the area without safety concerns. It’s also a more affordable way of carrying out site surveying as it doesn’t involve multiple engineers or contractors. Other valuable drone surveys include transmission towers and powerlines, eliminating the risk of sending a person to such heights.

One of our drone surveys’ most popular services is land mapping. Drones can capture valuable data from the air while being easy to integrate into your surveying program to provide the information needed for 3D mapping. We can work with your company/business to offer our land mapping services throughout your construction and development projects. Land mapping is essential to establish the boundaries of a property and facilitate the streamlining of site planning and programming. With time being valuable on any project, drones can speed up the process and utilise the latest technological innovation.

- Drone Surveillance/Intelligence

Drones are at the forefront of modern surveillance, providing a unique way of monitoring assets and security threats in the most convert way. Our fleet of drones can be used to track an asset or moving vehicle, along with monitoring security situations. The observational abilities and data gathering of drone surveillance are vital assets for any security assignment.

Before drones, our scope of surveillance was limited to in-person and technological systems. While traditional cameras have their limitation with tripods and structures, drones can travel freely through the area for several kilometres to find and track a moving target.

These UAV systems allow for covert surveillance while also being a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveillance activities. These vehicles produce minimal noise, making them easier to gather data without disturbing your neighbours or alerting the individual being monitored. Unlike conventional cameras, our fleet of drones can operate in low-light and night-time situations to facilitate 24/7 monitoring and security provisions.

- Search and Rescue

Whether it’s a lost pet or a missing family member, drones are becoming the first line of tactical support for search and rescue missions. The technology is already being deployed by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, showing the potential of these small UAV’s to speed up rescue times and provide a positive outcome. Agencies are utilising these drones in partnership with helicopters to give a complete picture look of what’s happening from the sky.

When a search and rescue mission is necessary, making every second count is vital. Our team can rapidly deploy drones to targeted areas to search for the missing individual or animal. Drones can be the difference between life and death. They can ensure the individual or asset is found before any harm can come to them.

Our drones can be utilised for private search and rescue missions or in partnership with local authorities to support their broader efforts to find the individual or asset. The advanced technology in our drones makes them ideal for use both in the daytime and low-light situations for 24/7 monitoring.

- Specialist operations - Airports, Prisons, Controlled Airspace, TV/Live Broadcast & Overseas operations.

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