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As part of your Crew Membership you can access discounts and offers on drones, accessories and bundles.
Save! 10% on all accessories across our entire range

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1) Autel Evo II (8K) + Rugged Bundle + Free official Autel filter set - £1689
2) Autel Evo II Pro (6K) + Rugged Bundle + Free official Autel filter set - £1959
3) Mini 2 + Free Helipad - £419 or £550 with fly more combo
4) DJI Air 2S Combo + Free waterproof case - £1169
5) DJI FPV Combo + Free Fatstrap USA
6) Free Pix4d subscription when purchasing any Autel rugged bundle
7) Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced - £250 off